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Wobble Squabble

Ws title


Cleared room of the Rooftop.

Wobble Squabble was an official game within Habbo.

Game-play of Wobble Squabble


The objective is to keep one's Habbo balanced, while trying to knock the opponent off the buoys. The Wobble Squabble game can be found at the Rooftop Pool, which is closed due to New Habbo. Many habbos hope for the game soon lost popularity due to many reasons. One of these reasons were due to the release of its sister games (Battleball and Snow Storm) which were always popular. Unlike battleball and snow storm where unlimited people can play at the same time by creating sessions, wobble squabble only had one set of floats to play on, or two on some lucky hotels which included a second rooftop just for HC members. This sparked many of the games problems, being that many players had to wait a long time before actually playing.

Wobble controls main

Control keys

Most hotels had a leaderboard system which featured a weekly, monthly and all time subsections, also prizes and badges were given to the top players of each month. These prizes sparked many complaints from many users due to some players baiting or cloning (Which is having your second account lose for you over and over for more points).