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Versions refer to different versions of Habbo. Different versions may be created just to update security or bug fixing, but can also be used to launch new furni and features.


First "Version". Launched February 2001.


  • :furni command

New Navigator Features:

  • New Design
  • Room Categories
  • Favorite Rooms
  • Introduction of the ‘:furni’ (HC) command, and SHIFT + click dialog holding names inside a public room when hitting ‘Go’ on a public room..


  • Many furni items de-branded and changed (Mountain Dew Sofa, Infobus poster, and more)
  • New badge system: Changing badges and making them visible and invisible.
  • Furni shadow added, this will stay in the current location of a furni item while moving it. (This feature was removed).
  • Ability to stand on stacked furniture, after removing a chair from it.
  • "Ignore" button added.
  • New rare furniture