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Trax can refer to several things. This article is about the Trax (Item).

'Trax' was Habbo's music system. The entire range of Trax related products were: the Trax [Discs], purchasable circuit boards containing noises; Trax Machines, with a double click function for playing music and making music with discs (currently broken); CDs, furni items for jukeboxes containing a saved song; and Juke Boxes, for playing CDs. After the Habbo transition from Shockwave to Flash clients, the trax system was not recovered until April 2011, where only Jukeboxes, old CDs, and Habbo sold CDs were re-released.

Habbo Trax

Habbo Trax

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In earlier times...

TraxRecord sticker

A Habbo Home page sticker of a trax gold record cd

Trax are not used as frequently as before, as the appeal has worn off and no new additions have been put into trax lately. With the April 2011 comeback of "trax", only jukeboxes where updated to work again and songs made by Habbo were released for sale as an addition to past made discs. Note that you currently cannot make custom music as long ago.

Old purpose

Trax used to be used to make Trax Music. Each one contained 9 unique noises. You could use 4 trax per song.

Current purpose

As of May 30, 2011, all trax machines (normal and American Idol) can play music but the playlists or music cannot be edited.

The Jukebox plays CD's that you place inside. These include "old" CD's other users created before trax broke.

Trax Machines

Trax fr 4

The Trax machine was a popular piece of furni, you could make your own music with Trax CDs. The ability of Trax Machines to make music was removed but you can still play existing songs created. Currently, trax machines are mainly just cosmetic.

Image Trax Machine Description
Trax black Traxmachine First released in Finland March 2007. (Considered the "regular" trax machine).
Trax grey Grey Traxmachine This machine was sold in the Scandinavian Habbo as the regular version.
Trax green Green Traxmachine First released in Norway (Hc Only) 2007.
Trax red Red Traxmachine Was a prize in a Nokia competition, Singapore, June 2007. Also sold in valentines promotions.
Trax ocean Ocean Traxmachine

Aka: Aqua Traxmachine

Given to two "DJ winners" on the USA Habbo, June 2007.

Trax blue Blue Traxmachine Given to everyone who signed up for one, USA and Canada, June 2007. You would register your email, get a code, enter it just like a credit code.
Trax purple Purple Traxmachine First released on Habbo UK, June 2007.
Trax brown Brown Traxmachine On the UK Habbo, Eight winners received this machine, June 2007.
Trax gold Trax silver Trax bronze Gold, SIlver, Bronze Traxmachine These machines were never released. However, their images still exist in Habbo's system.
Ai trax American Idol Traxmachine Released when Habbo USA partnered with American Idol February 2009.
Nouvelle trax Traxmachine Nouvelle Star

Part of a TV program promotion of February 2008.

Purpletrax topstory

List of Trax

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