Room Promotions were introduced on November, 2012. Room promotions replace Events which were removed because of The Great Mute. It costs 15 duckets to promote your room for 2 hours. Unlike old Events, a Habbo user can have a continuous room promotion in their room regardless of whether it is locked or not, and the owner can even vacate the room without disrupting the promotion. The first time you buy a promotion for your room you get a free badge. This can only be obtained once. The position of whether the room is high or low on the promotion event list depends on how many people are in the room at that time. The first time you buy a room promotion for your room you get a free badge. This can only be obtained once.



For promoting a room, you will receive a badge (ID: RADZZ). Interesting enough, the badge below the current badge, was the original design and used for several weeks. However, this badge was likely too similar to the Habbo Staff badge and was changed. This exact same problem happened with a Kick Wars badge.


Room Promotions before The Great Mute were called Events. Events were free, but did not give a badge.


The Room Promo system of extending time by using Duckets is abused by many users to extend their room promo time and make their room more visible on the Promoted tab of the navigator. This is done by using a series of Ducket farmer accounts. This abuse got so bad that at one time the most promoted room had 5 years of promotions left.


  • Even though Room Promotions replaced Events, the little window that appears in a room if a promotion is going on still has Event In Progress instead of Promotion In Progress.


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