Roller Trap is a new and popular game on Habbo. The game involves two teams who try to glitch each other on rollers and trap them.

How to play?

Two teams of two sit on chairs at either end of the game. When the host says go, the players run to the centre of the court and walk around. At any time, a Habbo may step on a roller and an opposition player must stand on the roller not long after, causing the glitch, making the opposing Habbo come back and get trapped. If one team has trapped both the other teams players, they win and advance to the winners chairs, where they sit until they lose. Star players can often rack up streaks of 5-10 wins. The game can also be played in singles if there are not enough players around. Often the best player of the game is the owner.

However, Roller Trap has turned dead around Habbo, because of the diagonal system introduced in New Habbo, so people can get free of their opponents.