Rights (also called room rights, and commonly referred to as rites) are given to players by the owner of a room for the ability to do special things in a room. The room owner automatically gets these rights, and they are able to give them to other players.

Abilities with rights

Anybody with rights are able to do the following:

  • Kick other players out of the room except for the room owner.
  • Erase stickies and change the color.
  • Move and rotate furni that is not attached to the wall (wall furni).
  • Open and close hatches/gates.
  • Control who can and can't enter the room if it's locked with a doorbell.
  • Turn on and off Functional Furni.
  • Ban players from the room, which kicks them out and bans them as well, rendering them unable to re-enter the room for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or permanently. However the room owner has to enable this in order for it to be used.

These abilities are only available to room owners:

  • Give or remove other people's rights. However non-room owners can also do this if the room is a group room, and the non-owner user is a group administrator then he/she can kick users out of the group.
  • Pick up/Place Furni. However this also has the same loophole with group rooms. Group admins can drop or eject furniture. Or if a setting is checked then all users can drop and eject furni.

It was also possible for players with rights to drop furni into the room instead of trading the room owner. However, because this ability was commonly exploited, it was removed to help combat furni scamming. As well as trashing rooms with large furni.

"Free rights"

In the previous versions of Habbo, there was an option to allow all players to automatically have rights in a room, called "free rights". Players could move around and rotate furni, edit stickies, turn on/off functional furni, and kick anyone. However, after New Habbo was installed, this option was removed, and on October 4, 2010, any rooms set with this option was reset. Although a new update in room moderation allowed the room owner to re-enable this feature.

Common uses

  • "Free Rights Rooms" - The owner would leave furni for anyone to move around. However, this was commonly abused and players would start 'kick wars' (see below).
  • Kick Wars - The challenge was to kick players before they could kick you. Usually, the owner would place furni around for strategic hiding. However, with HC or VIP, the :chooser command was commonly used to automatically find the player.


  • Players must be careful giving rights to players as some players may abuse their rights and trash the room, repeatedly kick everyone, and erase stickies.
  • With the New Habbo update, you can selectively remove names of people with rights (this can be accessed in the room settings menu). Before New Habbo, you could only reset the list of people with room rights.