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A Rare Grabber, sometimes just referred to as "Grabber", is a game of chance in Habbo. Typically it can be tied into the same category as gambling. Players can pay a specific amount/furni to roll two dice, which correlate to a representation of a coordinate grid. The dice, holodice or dicemaster, will roll numbers 1-6. Typically, the grid is 6x6 spaces with scattered prizes and blank spaces throughout. However, other variations of grid size are used, see below for details.


Conversation between the owner and player usually adopts a similar structure to this:

  1. Player asks the Owner for the price of the Grabber. The Owner then tells the Player the price.
  2. The Player pays the set price in coins or furni and is allowed into the booth.
  3. Two dice (holodice or dicemasters) are rolled, the two dice relate to coordinates on the grid.
  4. If the square has any items on it, the Owner will trade the Player these items as a prize.
  5. If the Player loses, the Owner will give him/her to option to play again, watch or leave.


A 3x3 Grid.

It may be worth to calculate your odds. For example, your roll fee should be worth the prize value, in theory.

Easy way of profit determination:

(For 'multiply by bet ammount' prizes, simply enter this information into your equation. E.G: If betting 5 coins and there is a "x4 bet" just add in 20 coins to the math!)

  1. Add up the value of all prizes in the grid.
  2. Divide that total value by 36, since there are 36 possible grid rolls. (This is true on 3x3 Grids too!)
  3. The solution to this division is how much you should expect to pay for a roll. If you pay 5 coins for a roll and the average roll will only earn you 2 coins, maybe you should search for another game.

Example of Odds

(Note: Prizes and Fees offered by individual players will vary, every single time!)

Say the following game is offered:

-Entry Fee: 10 Coins.

  • 4 Rares worth 20 coins each.
  • 5 Stacks of 10 Coins.
  • 10 Ducks worth 1 Coin each.

-This would Equal: 140 Coins. -Divide this by 36, since the odds of winning a specific slot is 1/36.

  • This outcome is an average of 3.9 Coins.

This means, though you paid 10 coins for a roll, your real odds of profit is about 3.9 Coins. So, you would probably loose an average of 6 coins per roll, in this case!

Actual odds in grids smaller than 6x6

REMEMBER: Holodice and Dicemasters will roll 1-6. This means that, no matter what, you will only have a 1/4 chance of rolling for any slot in a 3x3 grid!

(Simply divide 36 by amount of spots. Rarely, rectangle grids are used, like 4x6)

Grid Size Probabiliy of rolling a space in the grid
1x1 1/36
2x2 1/9 (4/36)
3x3 1/4 (9/36)
4x4 4/9 (16/36)