Rares are a type of furni that are released into the catalogue for a limited duration, or given out by Habbo Staff during promotional or seasonal events. Limiting the circulation of the items and creating a demand for the item makes rares more valuable. Super rares are rares which have very limited numbers, possibly due to the fact you can only aqquire them as competition prizes. Promotional/campaign rares are often sold in the catalog for usually 25 credits. Although prices of specific rares can vary. The existence of rares dates back to the beginning of Habbo.

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  • The Throne (one of the most popular rares) was first released on Habbo UK as a present for the then-hotel manager Ione's birthday. In total, three items were given as gifts: the Throne, Russian Samover and Holoboy.
  • The Yellow Amber Lamp was once a super rare but the UK hotel destroyed its value by releasing it for 2 weeks
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