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The First Great Habbo Raid of 2017

On June the 16th of 2017, Quackity decided to do a livestream where he would play some IMVU, it was complete shit for everyone. Quackity decided to do a raid, but not on Roblox for fear of becoming a Roblox channel. He decided to raid Habbo Hotel instead. They decided to go in the game as Nick Crompton (Flat-top fade, normal t-shirt, gold and diamond necklace (so he had a popping collar), pants and sandals). 1200 people swarmed the hotel until they removed the ability to sign up to the website in an attempt to stop the raid. They then decided to migrate to MovieStarPlanet (A.K.A habbo for literal babies). That did not go well at all as it got boring pretty quickly. Shortly afterwards they moved to Toontown Rewritten. However, considering that there are no human characters in the game (before you say anything, the cogs are robots), they came to the decision of raiding as fat pigs called Big Nutty (emphasis on nut). The raids, while not having a real purpose other than to cause a general nusaince, were a success. However, there was still more to come.

The Second Great Habbo Raid of 2017

On September the 10th of the same year, Quackity decided to Habbo again, this time with the same username (barring the number at the end), A few ideas were thrown around, some of them being Hitler, but they eventually settled on JIMMYNEUTRON. Quackity's username was JIMMYNEUTRON657. They all decided to make their avatars VSauce Michael. They began their raid in the Hall of Habbo. The room was filled in mere seconds, which wasn't surprising considering that 2691 people were watching the stream. They filled every public room within minutes. Soon after, they sent #FREEJIMMYNEUTRON into orbit when Habbo disabled the creation of accounts. When they refused to enable account creation, they raided the Habbo subreddit without direct orders from Quackity to do so. Overall, the raid was a complete success. The next raid, however, would be even bigger and better than before.

The Bob Ross Invasion of 2018

After a like goal of 40000 people was reached, Quackity announced one final Habbo raid on March the 18th of 2018. On the day of the raid, however, Habbo was prepared, and they IP banned Quackity from entering the game 30 minutes before the raid began. After bypassing this, he got into the game and instructed his 9540 viewers to dress up as Bob Ross to commemorate Pool's Closed. Once the orders were given, it only took a few seconds for all the public rooms to be full, The queue for one of these rooms was over 400 people. Once he found this out, he got a warning from the admins. He was then kicked from the theatre, which was a public room. Quackity then decided to get everyone to make their own rooms with the Twitch link as the name. Soon there were several rooms with the Twitch link and most of them were full.

Habbo then disabled logging in, and #BOYCOTTHABBO was launched into orbit. The difference with this hashtag was that it actually got to trending in the US. The raid got so big that people were making rooms to hide from the raid. Once Quackity took notice of this, they were not safe anymore. Eventually, habbo gave back the right to have people sign up to the game. Shortly after the breaking of a fan site. The raid drew to a close.

The next raid, however was long awaited and much bigger than this one.