How a pomlong typically dresses

A pomlong is a Habbo fashion trend and a slang term for a Habbo Club member who dresses up in long hair and a pompom hat. The term "pomlong" originated in Habbo Canada and the word comes from pompom hat + long hair.


No one is sure about when the pomlong trend has started, or when the term was invented. One theory is, when v19 / v20 (the update with new clothes) came out, one person decided to wear this outfit. Pretty soon, many people were wearing it and a trend started. The term "pomlong" comes from the Habbo CA group "Pomlong ". With the release of VIP, this look quickly wore off and it is now extremely rare to see someone with this look.


Some stereotypes of pomlongs include:

  • They are rude to non-HC members (or 'norms)
  • They host HC parties
  • They are rude, mean, and cruel
  • They are nooby
  • They are underaged

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