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Pixels HHW

Pixel 'Help', By: Sulake

Z xtrgfh Pixels, was type of currency, introduced in November 2008. Unlike credits, they were unable to be purchased with real money, and could not be traded in any way. They used to be given out when users : logged in, completed quests, and earned achievement badges. They were used to purchase temporary Effects, rent virtual furniture, purchase select furniture at a discounted price, and purchase some special furniture (which could only be purchased with pixels). In 2013, Pixels got replaced by Duckets.

Pixel Collectables

Habbo released pixel collectables, where you could spend One Coin and 2000 Pixels to get a collectable. There were only three released.


This is a list of all the collectables released, listed by release from first to last.

CityPixel Controversy

CityPixel, another MMORPG game with similar graphics and gaming, uses "Pixels as their currency system. About a month after Habbo's "pixel" currency, CityPixel posted a statement on their claim for using "pixels" as currency, before Habbo:

"The folks over at Habbo have launched a new currency in their world called “Pixels” – which happens to be the name of Citypixel’s currency. Also like CityPixel, these Pixels are issued to users as they interact with the world.
— CityPixel's statement

Sulake has not commented, so far.

Removal of Pixels

On June 9, 2012, Habbo announced that pixels would be discontinued within the coming weeks. It was decided that the current system for pixels was not working the way it was originally designed.


Pixels were replaced by a new currency called, Duckets. Duckets have the same idea as Pixels, being free to earn, and being able to buy furniture exclusive to Duckets, but with some tweaks, such as a limit on how many Duckets you may have at one time.

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