With the introduction of pets came the pets achievements. These achievements vary from scratching someones pet 350 times, to jumping with your horse perfectly 15 times.

Pet Shop Keeper

ACH PetLover1 ACH PetLover2 ACH PetLover3 ACH PetLover4 ACH PetLover5 ACH PetLover6 ACH PetLover7 ACH PetLover8 ACH PetLover9 ACH PetLover10

For owning so many pets. 75 pets is the amount you need to get the full achievement.

Animal Trainer

ACH PetLevelUp1 ACH PetLevelUp2 ACH PetLevelUp3 ACH PetLevelUp4 ACH PetLevelUp5 ACH PetLevelUp6 ACH PetLevelUp7 ACH PetLevelUp8 ACH PetLevelUp9 ACH PetLevelUp10

For training your pet up so many levels. The best way to do this is while doing 'Zoo Keeper' achievement name all your pets the same name, that way your getting 2 achievements while only focusing on one.

They're Eating All My Credits!

ACH PetFeeding1 ACH PetFeeding2 ACH PetFeeding3 ACH PetFeeding4 ACH PetFeeding5 ACH PetFeeding6 ACH PetFeeding7 ACH PetFeeding8 ACH PetFeeding9 ACH PetFeeding10

ACH PetFeeding11 ACH PetFeeding12 ACH PetFeeding13 ACH PetFeeding14 ACH PetFeeding15 ACH PetFeeding16 ACH PetFeeding17 ACH PetFeeding18 ACH PetFeeding19 ACH PetFeeding20

For giving your pets so many points of food.

My pets get all the love

ACH PetRespectReceiver1 ACH PetRespectReceiver2 ACH PetRespectReceiver3 ACH PetRespectReceiver4 ACH PetRespectReceiver5 ACH PetRespectReceiver6 ACH PetRespectReceiver7 ACH PetRespectReceiver8 ACH PetRespectReceiver9 ACH PetRespectReceiver10

You earn these badges by having someone else scratch your pet 750 times.

Lost Monkey

ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp1 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp2 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp3 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp4 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp5 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp6 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp7 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp8 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp9 ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp10

Each level you train up your monkey from the app game, you get a respectful badge of your monkey's level in the hotel. (See article for more details).

Equestrian track host

ACH RoomHorseJumpCount1 ACH RoomHorseJumpCount2 ACH RoomHorseJumpCount3 ACH RoomHorseJumpCount4 ACH RoomHorseJumpCount5

Horse jumping

ACH HorseJumping1ACH HorseJumping2ACH HorseJumping3ACH HorseJumping4ACH HorseJumping5

You earn these badges by jumping a lot of times with your horse over an obstacle.

To earn all of these badges you need to jump 6,000 times.

Stable Owner

ACH HorseRent1 ACH HorseRent2 ACH HorseRent3 ACH HorseRent4 ACH HorseRent5 ACH HorseRent6 ACH HorseRent7 ACH HorseRent8 ACH HorseRent9 ACH HorseRent10

Horse Quester

ACH HorseQuestCompleted1 ACH HorseQuestCompleted2 ACH HorseQuestCompleted3

Terrier Breeder

ACH TerrierBreeder1 ACH TerrierBreeder2 ACH TerrierBreeder3 ACH TerrierBreeder4 ACH TerrierBreeder5 ACH TerrierBreeder6 ACH TerrierBreeder7 ACH TerrierBreeder8 ACH TerrierBreeder9 ACH TerrierBreeder10

Bear Breeder

ACH BearBreeder1 ACH BearBreeder2 ACH BearBreeder3 ACH BearBreeder4 ACH BearBreeder5 ACH BearBreeder6 ACH BearBreeder7 ACH BearBreeder8 ACH BearBreeder9 ACH BearBreeder10


ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount1 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount2 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount3 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount4 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount5 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount6 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount7 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount8 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount9 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount10

ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount11 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount12 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount13 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount14 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount15 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount16 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount17 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount18 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount19 ACH HorseConsecutiveJumpsCount20

You earn these badges by successfully jumping over 35 obstacles.

Pet lover

ACH PetRespectGiver1 ACH PetRespectGiver2 ACH PetRespectGiver3 ACH PetRespectGiver4 ACH PetRespectGiver5 ACH PetRespectGiver6 ACH PetRespectGiver7 ACH PetRespectGiver8 ACH PetRespectGiver9 ACH PetRespectGiver10

ACH PetRespectGiver11 ACH PetRespectGiver12 ACH PetRespectGiver13 ACH PetRespectGiver14 ACH PetRespectGiver15 ACH PetRespectGiver16 ACH PetRespectGiver17 ACH PetRespectGiver18 ACH PetRespectGiver19 ACH PetRespectGiver20

You earn these badges by scratching anyone's pet 350 times.

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