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Happy Hour


Happy Hour is an achievement where logging into a certain time, known as 'Happy Hour', will get you the badge. The Happy Hour is from 5:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern (2:00pm to 3:00pm Pacific) on weekdays, and 12:00pm to 1:00pm Eastern (9:00am to 10:00am Pacific) during weekends. Introduced 2008.

Respected Habbo

Respect badges vary on how many time you have been respected.

Introduced September 2008.

Level Badge Description
1 ACH RespectEarned1 Being respected once
2 ACH RespectEarned2 Being respected 6 times
3 ACH RespectEarned2 Being respected 16 times
4 ACH RespectEarned4 Being respected 66 times
5 ACH RespectEarned5 Being respected 166 times
6 ACH RespectEarned6 Being respected 366 times
7 ACH RespectEarned7 Being respected 566 times
8 ACH RespectEarned8 Being respected 766 times
9 ACH RespectEarned9 Being respected 966 times
10 ACH RespectEarned10 Being respected 1166 times

Nice One

ACH GiftGiver1 ACH GiftGiver2 ACH GiftGiver3 ACH GiftGiver4 ACH GiftGiver5 ACH GiftGiver6 ACH GiftGiver7 ACH GiftGiver8 ACH GiftGiver9 ACH GiftGiver10

ACH GiftGiver11 ACH GiftGiver12 ACH GiftGiver13 ACH GiftGiver14 ACH GiftGiver15

You earn these badges by giving so many gifts. To reach level 10, it is estimated that a user would have to spend 849 coins minimum. Introduced January 2010.

Level 4 - 26, Level 5 - 46

Greet Me

ACH GiftReceiver1 ACH GiftReceiver2 ACH GiftReceiver3 ACH GiftReceiver4 ACH GiftReceiver5 ACH GiftReceiver6 ACH GiftReceiver7 ACH GiftReceiver8 ACH GiftReceiver9 ACH GiftReceiver10

You earn these badges by receiving so many gifts. Introduced January 2010.

Level 4 - 26, Level 5 - 46

Stickie Scribbler

ACH NotesLeft1 ACH NotesLeft2 ACH NotesLeft3 ACH NotesLeft4 ACH NotesLeft5 ACH NotesLeft6 ACH NotesLeft7 ACH NotesLeft8 ACH NotesLeft9 ACH NotesLeft10

ACH NotesLeft11 ACH NotesLeft12 ACH NotesLeft13 ACH NotesLeft14 ACH NotesLeft15 ACH NotesLeft16 ACH NotesLeft17 ACH NotesLeft18 ACH NotesLeft19 ACH NotesLeft20

You get this for leaving so many notes in someone's room. To reach the highest level, a user must place 76,707 stickes in another users room. Introduced May 2011.

Level 6 - 137, Level 7 - 227

Swamped By Stickies

ACH NotesReceived1 ACH NotesReceived2 ACH NotesReceived3 ACH NotesReceived4 ACH NotesReceived5 ACH NotesReceived6 ACH NotesReceived7 ACH NotesReceived8 ACH NotesReceived9 ACH NotesReceived10

ACH NotesReceived11 ACH NotesReceived12 ACH NotesReceived13 ACH NotesReceived14 ACH NotesReceived15 ACH NotesReceived16 ACH NotesReceived17 ACH NotesReceived18 ACH NotesReceived19 ACH NotesReceived20

For receiving a certain amount of stickies in your room from other people. Introduced May 2011.

Level 2 - 7, Level 3 - 17

Dragon Ninja Spotter

ACH NinjasNotSpotted1 ACH NinjasNotSpotted2 ACH NinjasNotSpotted3

For spotting so many Dragon Ninjas. To gain this achievement, a user must spot other users with the Dragon Ninja effect on. The effect was both limited and unpopular because to gain the effect a user would have to buy some of the Dragon Ninja furni. Introduced May 2012.

Level 1 - 1

Dragon Ninja Trainee

ACH NotSpottedAsNinja1 ACH NotSpottedAsNinja2 ACH NotSpottedAsNinja3

For not being spotted as a ninja. Introduced May 2012.


ACH FriendListSize1ACH FriendListSize2ACH FriendListSize3ACH FriendListSize4ACH FriendListSize5ACH FriendListSize6ACH FriendListSize7ACH FriendListSize8ACH FriendListSize9ACH FriendListSize10

ACH FriendListSize11ACH FriendListSize12ACH FriendListSize13ACH FriendListSize14ACH FriendListSize15

Level 13 - 1,100

Nice as pie

ACH RespectGiven1

(Inroduced September 2008)

ACH RespectGiven2 ACH RespectGiven3 ACH RespectGiven4 ACH RespectGiven5 ACH RespectGiven6 ACH RespectGiven7 ACH RespectGiven8 ACH RespectGiven9 ACH RespectGiven10

(Introduced June 2012)

The Nice as Pie! Badge is achieved by giving out Respects to other people 100 times. If you were to respect someone 3 times a day, every day, the badge would take you 34 days to get (102 Respects). The most popular way to boost up this badge is to "respect swap" where one user respects another and vice versa.

As of 2012 the "Nice as pie!" badges were updated to a badge with different achieveable levels, rather than just one badge. The badges look almost identicle to the respect badge.

Level 13 - 770, Level 14 - 950

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