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"Lost_Witness" (real name: Chris Burton) was the last Habbo Hotel UK manager. After the merge, he was moved to and demoted to a regular moderator, due to staff cuts, which ultimately led to his resignation (along with a few other notable staff members) in August 2010, where he announced on his homepage that he was leaving Habbo Hotel, and Sulake. It is unknown whether he has since been back under another name, however his "Lost_Witness" is permanently banned for the following reason: "You have been banned! The reason for the ban is "This staff account was automatically banned after a period of inactivity."

Lost_Witness initially joined Habbo Hotel UK on the 15th of June 2002. He was a former Gold Hobba (voluntary hotel moderator) between December 2003, and November 2004. He left the Hobba program in November 2004 in order to become a paid member of player support up until April 2006 when he began training to become a hotel manager, which he eventually climbed his way to in January 2007.

Many players, and close friends describe him as one of the most down to Earth, and friendly hotel managers in Habbo history, alongside "belly", and "SmoothCriminal".