Loderse was the assistant Hotel Manager of Habbo Hotel USA. She was manager from June 14, 2007 to November 2008. She left the company in 2009 around the same time as Crashcarson left. She left after being fired the reason for doing so are unknown. She was the 4th Hotel Manager in

It should be noted however that she was not well liked by many. Proof of this was the constant flood of messages on her guestbook, that were very negative of her performance, which resulted in her constantly closing her guestbook. It is a possible reason for her leaving, however this is just an opinion based on evaluation of her Guestbook over the years.

The first Competition she ran was for the first introduction of the Japanese furni line. The last competition she was involved in was the 17 magazine event.  Apparently she was playing in her room with her dog and there was a flash of blue and she disappeared (according to SmoothCriminal and Fozzie)

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