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There weren't many Russian Hotel badges at all prior closure. And barely any information is unrecoverable. However, this should be all of the independent badges they had.

Image Name (Code) Name (Official if available) Obtain Level Side Notes Description (Official if available) Release Date(s)
RU1 RU1Patriot Star#Unknown Star Badge Unknown
RU2 RU2 #Likely a basketball promotion...2008
BB1 BB1 #BattleBall Award of some kind.Unknown
SS1 SS1#SnowStorm Award of some kind.Unknown
HW3 HW3#Habbowood 2007 promotion.2007
PP1 PP1Maior Amigo de Todos#This file was uploaded with Russia but, probably closed before possible use.Emblema único para um Habbo único.Never?
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