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Japan only managed to produce 6 local badges, 2 of which are promotional and 4 are celebrity designated. Japan later merged with the English hotel in February, 2009, making these badges technically findable on prior Japan hotel players in the current English Hotel.

Image Name (Code) Obtain Level Side Notes Release Date(s)
JPA JPA3'Pizza-LA', Japanese Pizza Chain, purchasing pizza would be rewarded with a promotion code with a badge and coins.Many Release Dates
JPB JPB#'Smile', celebrity, visit to hotel.N/A
JPC JPC#‘Yu Kimura’, celebrity, visit to hotel.N/A
JPD JPD#‘Yu Kimura’, celebrity, visit to hotel.N/A
JPS JPS#'Sky', Duo of singers, promotion.September, 2008
JPE JPE26 Years of the Japan hotel! Ironically released 2 months prior permanent closure. You could simply log in on the brithday to receive this badge.February, 2009
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