Lido diving

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Lido Diving was a diving game (which was first available in 2002), where the
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object was to do the most tricks and flips before the Habbo hits the water. Anyone diving would have been seen by everyone present in area two on the monitor screen on the far right.

Spectators could also vote on the Habbo's performance using a voting list located on the task bar.

Lido Diving was accessible by going through to the second part of the Lido Deck .


Lido Diving used to cost 1 gaming ticket in order to use the Lido Diving board, but Habbo announced a decision to make diving free, for good! This decision was implemented on May 13, 2009.

Beta and Closure

Lido Diving was permanently closed after Habbo transferred to Habbo Beta, and it is unknown whether there are plans for Lido Diving to return.

Public rooms have returned, along with another classic game SnowStorm, making the return of this minigame a possibility.

Many Habbos have been upset as of the closue of Lido Diving.