A lobby of a Team Kick Wars room.

Kick Wars is a user-moderated game. The objective of this game is to eliminate the opposing team by kicking them, while trying to avoid being kicked themselves. There were two kinds of kick wars: free-for-all and teams. This game was played in rooms with free rights.


A central room is made, called the lobby. Within this room, two sections are divided. The rest of the room is primarily used as a hang-out area for the host, scorekeeper, and other waiting players. A teleport is placed in each section and seats (one color for each section) are added to accommodate the players. The teleports link to the playing arena, which can either consist of one or many rooms. Various furni is scattered throughout the room(s) to help players.



Two teleporters are alined and there are two separated lanes. When the host says go you run into the teleporter. When you see the other player click on the then press kick.


Most games have 2 teams, which can be divided in a number of ways, such as male vs. female or red vs. blue. Other games are a free-for-all. Players choose a team and wait until the game starts. Once there are enough players, they will enter a teleporter which transports them into a room with free rights. Using those rights the players will have to kick the other team while avoiding being kicked. If kicked, they will re-enter the main room.


Most HC players use :chooser, which brings up a list of Habbos in the room. This makes it easier to spot an opposing team member.

Players also hide behind furni and non-linking teleporters, while kicking the opposite team. This method is known as "camping". ==New Habbo RevampWith Habbo being drastically chars a day, and far more players being able to play it at once. ==

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