The message that appears when players get kicked.

Kick (commonly known as kik) is an action used by players who have rights in a guest room that allows them to remove others from the room. This is used for various reasons, such as dealing with an abusive player or removing a player from a game who has lost. Players with rights often use this tool when dealing with very abusive players, such as flooders, when the owner is not present.

In 2013, an update made it possible for Habbo Club members to use the :kick command.

Famouse Kick Button HHW

The button used to kick players


The Kick button can be abused, as with other privileges gained when rights are given. Players can abuse the Kick button and repeatedly kick everyone out of the room, thus abusing their rights. For this reason, room owners are suggested that they give rights to players they can trust, and to build a level of trust and friendship high enough so rights can be given safely.

Scammers have been often known to kick players out of the room after they've legitimately won a game.

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