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Habbo x home sticker
Habbo x home sticker

Habbo eXperts

Habbo eXperts, also known as "HabboX", was a small team of experienced players. The Habbo eXpert's function was similar to the later succeeded Guides and the Guide Bot. In Early 2006, many habbo's applied to become Habbo Expert's and only a hundred out of thousands that applied made the cut. Habbo eXperts replaced the Hobba Team from December 2005. However, unlike the Hobba's, the eXperts only had one advantage, they could get into a room that was full. This was meant to be used to get into the usually full Welcome Lounge, but some eXperts could abuse the power to get in special events or other rooms without waiting. (The Habbo X badge also gave them the ability to wear Habbo Club clothes and use the :furni command, even when not being an HC member). The system only lasted from 2006-2008. In Japan, the Habbo eXperts were known simply as "Habbo Guides". Note that this is not the Habbo Guide Bot that we had in the hotel.

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Most hotels used the "X" badges and the term "Habbo eXperts". However, Japan created a complete different version of the system with "G". Also, Spain used "L" for their Habbo eXperts with only one badge.

Badge Systems

For: Image Badge Code
Volunteering into Habbo eXperts (Standard) XXX XXX
Welcoming new Habbos and guidance. HX1 HX1
'Host HabboX' For safety; helping to keep accounts secure. HX2 HX2
'Technical HabboX' HX3 HX3
'Game HabboX' For hosting games. HX4 HX4
Leaders of 'Host HabboX' HX5 HX5
Leaders of 'Safety HabboX' HX6 HX6
Leaders of 'Technical HabboX' HX7 HX7
Leaders of 'Game HabboX' HX8 HX8
Top leaders of Habbo eXperts HX9 HX9
2006-2008, Given to all members of HabboX at its discontinuation. Z05 Z05
(Spain Only) Simple one badge system. LLL LLL
(Japan and Singapore Only) Singapore used this badge for HabboX Game Hosts. HG1 HG1
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP1 JP1
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP2 JP2
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP3 JP3
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP4 JP4
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP5 JP5
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP6 JP6
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP7 JP7
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP8 JP8
(Japan Only) Unknown Use JP9 JP9