Habbo Console

The Habbo Console is a Habbo function on the taskbar which contains a list of the user's friends, both online and offline. It also enables the user to communicate with them via Mini-Mail or Chat (the latter only for online communication). Habbos can send friend requests via the search tool. Originally, before the time of Mini-Mail and Chat, friends communicated by sending instant messages and SMSes. Habbos could also edit their motto and receive messages from staff concerning events.


The very first console was pretty much unchanged up until V22 in 2008. It was a friend management tool, a search tool and a chat tool. To say that it was totally unchanged however would be untrue. The SMS option was removed late 2002.

In V14 (September 2007) a button which allowed you to "warp to friend" was added, what Habbos now know as "stalking" or simply just "following." In November 2007 (V18) A bulk add/decline option was added to friend handling. When you reached a maximum number of friends, or your HC ran out (HC gave you extra friend slots - a maximum of 500 as opposed to the normal 100) a popup appeared which requested you to delete some friends.
Removal 2

Then V22 of Habbo came in May 2008 and besides going widescreen, this update concentrated on the console. Chat was changed into instant messaging with tabs for conversations with different players. Messaging to offline players was introduced which was a function that involved the homepage of the user. Friend management was also moved to the frontpage.

Console 2

V22 came with a lot of controversy as players missed the old console and the console lost a lot of practicality. Sulake constantly sends out player surverys and eventually realised users missed the practicality of the old console and in V25 they bought back the search tool and added a tooltip when hovering over users. Finally in Beta, the look of the console was updated again.

Console 3