Defer questions of style to Style and How-to directories. If you're new to the wiki way, take a look at editing tutorial for some useful advice.

Article Names

Everything should follow:

All articles need to follow Habbo Wiki policies in regards to creation/content and article names should be in-game capitalization.

File Names

Uploaded files should be named clearly and plainly. All images should have the appropriate image tag included in the file description. For images created by the community, please follow the following naming conventions:

  • Furni-furni name or Furni-Furni name (small) - used for furniture images.
  • Badge-badge code - used for badge images.
  • Room-room name - used for room images.
  • Character-habbo name - used for habbo character images.
  • Background-group / background name - used for group background images.
  • Article-article image name - used for article or top-story images.


Link to the appropriate categories page at the bottom of an article. For example, insert [[Category:Lodge]] at the bottom an article about a piece of lodge furniture.


Furniture names should be capitalized exactly as they are in-game, no matter how unusual.

Sample Pages

Because many pages contain information about similar topics, editors have created sample pages of these that can be used as a basis, without having to remember so many templates and formatting styles. These pages are guides only, and need not be used exactly. A good page layout always fits the information it provides.


How To for templates: Wikipedia:Help:Template

(for comments on individual templates go to their discussion pages)

Everyday Infoboxes

For infoboxes, see: HabboWiki:Template/Article#Infoboxes, or for a list of templates see: HabboWiki:Template

Main Page & HabboWiki Namespace Pages

WARNING: These templates feed the main page of Habbo Wiki and vandalism on these pages is NOT taken lightly.

  • {{Help wanted}} - general list of things to do
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