The editiing policy are guidelines for editing and writing articles.

Writing articles

  • All articles must be related to Habbo or Sulake.
  • Personal player pages (articles created about you or another person's Habbo, group, or room) are not allowed and will be deleted. This is because having player articles would defeat the purpose of an encyclopedic wiki. Also, many of these articles tend to be offensive and target that player, and are often vandalized.
    • An exception to this is articles about Habbo Staff. Staff members can have their own article, but must be sourced with a link to their Habbo Home or have a picture with their username and staff badge clearly visible.
    • You are allowed to edit your user page and add information about your Habbo.
    • You may visit our Fanon Wiki to create articles that are not allowed here. They can be unrelated to Habbo/Sulake and they can be about any Habbo that you want!
  • Articles advertising Habbo Retros, scam sites, or other external website that's not affiliated with Habbo/Sulake will be deleted. And will be followed by a 1 week ban.
    • Discussion of Habbo Retros is allowed, but mentioning specific names shouldn't be done.
  • Articles should follow the Habbo Way and shouldn't promote scamming, hacking, or scripting.
  • Illegal content (promotion/distribution of drugs, weapons, pornography, etc) will not be tolerated. And this will be followed by a 1 week ban.
  • Articles attacking Habbo/Sulake, Habbo Wiki, players, or editors will be deleted.

Editing articles

  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Blanking (removing content) articles or sections of it.
    • Inserting obviously false information.
    • Inserting gibberish, profanity, and other offensive content.
    • Uploading obscene or unrelated images/video.
  • Editing other people's user pages without permission is not allowed and may be reverted.
  • Use edit summaries whenever possible to briefly explain changes. Simple words or phrases, like "fixing spelling error" is good enough.

Commenting on articles

The following is not allowed in article comments:

  • Spam; a comment without relevant meaning is considered spam. Things like "hi", "lol", "cool" will be removed.
  • Advertising any external links other than Habbo.
  • Comments intended to harass or offend others.
  • Scams, such as free coins/furni scams and links to scam sites.
  • Comments in foreign languages. This is an English wiki; please visit any of Habbo Wiki's sister wikis set in different languages, found here.
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