As with any wiki, Habbo Wiki has a deletion policy to classify pages that need to be deleted by an admin. Because of Habbo Wiki's generally small community and less activity, vandalism isn't considered much of a problem as most vandalism is small and doesn't make much of an impact on the wiki. However, problem articles aren't always vandalism; they could just be articles that, while written with good faith, cannot be edited further to convey information. If you come across an article needing deletion, follow this guide.

Articles that generally get nominated for deletion

This is a brief list containing articles that would be nominations for deletion. See the next section for a more detailed explanation about the nomination process.

  • Articles that advertise Habbo Retros or other external sites.
  • Articles meant to target and attack individual Habbo players, wiki contributors, or Habbo/Sulake/Habbo Wiki itself.
  • Articles unrelated to Habbo.
  • Articles promoting illegal activities, either in real life (selling drugs, pornography, etc) or in Habbo (scam attempts, glitch exploits)

Acceptable reasons for deletion

Habbo Wiki uses a three-letter code system to nominate articles for deletion. This concept has been inspired by wikiHow's deletion policy. The codes indicate the appropriate reason for deletion. The following table lists the codes and reasons that may qualify an article for deletion.

Reason Code Explanation Examples of articles to be deleted

Accuracy issues

acc Severe accuracy problems that can't be easily fixed. Speculation regarding future updates falls in this category. Refer to the article's comments section for more information. Depends on content
Advertising / spam adv Advertising a Habbo Retro, room, group, or other external site. Cool Habbo Retro, Join And Get Free Rares!
Gibberish content gib Article consists of pure gibberish. CHDFGHLOLCLICKMESFD
Joke page jok Articles that are clearly joke pages and does not contribute to the wiki in any way. i like to eat bananas (:
Not a proper article not

Article doesn't appear to be informative or in a proper article format. In some cases, the article requiring reformatting or more information can be tagged as a stub.

Depends on content

Offensive content

off Contains content that is offensive, hate-based, and meant to attack Habbo Wiki, Habbo (and players), or contributors. Habbo Wiki sucks, LOL PPL WHO PLAY HABBO ARE LOSERS
Personal player pages ppp Articles about individual Habbo players, with the exception of staff members. See HabboWiki:Policies#Personal Pages. Usually the content can be merged to the editor's user page. .:MyHabbo611:.


sca Attempts to scam or hack other players, or promoting scam sites. 5 tricks to get 500 coins free
Unrelated unr Articles that are unrelated to Habbo. RuneScape rocks
  • Please note that some articles may skip this process and be deleted immediately if it contains extremely offensive content (e.g. swearing), or repeated advertisements or scams.

Nominating articles for deletion

To nominate an article for deletion, simply open the article up for editing and at the top of the page, insert {{d|abc}}, changing abc to the three-letter code corrosponding to the appropriate reason. For instance, if you wanted to nominate an advertisement for deletion, you'd put {{d|adv}} on the article.

It is recommended to post a comment as to why you nominated the article. It's also recommended to post a comment showing your support/opposition to the nomination if you weren't the one who nominated the article.

Afterwards, an admin will review the article and any comments. The tag will remain for a few days allow a consensus to form. If majority supports the deletion, it will be deleted; if majority opposes, the article will be kept and the tag removed. Sometimes, there may not be enough voters to make a proper consensus. In these cases, the admin patrolling the article will make his/her own judgement as to whether to delete or keep the article.

Deletion policy for article comments

Article comments will be deleted if they contain:

  • Spam or gibberish. One-worded or irrelevent comments (e.g. "hi", "nice page") is considered spam.
  • Foreign languages. English is the wiki's main language and it would take too much time to translate comments.
  • Profanity/offensive language. In most cases, the comment can be edited to remove these parts.
  • Advertisements to external sites.
  • Scam attempts.
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