Habbo Wiki aims to collect all the latest habbo information and store it for everyone to know!

We have a full collection of databases of all the furniture, badges, quests and guides in habbo!

How do we get it?

All the information on here is gathered by our staff, by you, the editors, and by automated tools! These tools will grab all the latest information live from the client, in a completely safe and legal method. It is then imported onto the wiki using automated bots (a.k.a [[User:Cblair91Bot|Cblair91Bot]]. Once the base of the page is setup, our staff will come across, add information, and all the likes to make it most up to date possible.

What does Cblair91Bot do?


Cblair91Bot grabs the latest furniture data to detect new furniture. If he notices some, he auto creates the page on the wiki from the available information, and also sends a command to a remote box where it will grab the furniture, get the images, and post them on the same page.


Cblair91Bot also grabs the latest badges data, where he will grab the names of the badge, the information and motto message of it, and create the page on the wiki. Like with the furniture bot, he sends a post to a remote box, where it will grab the image, and post it to the wiki for uploading.

General databases

Cblair91Bot also grabs any information that is used within habbo for updates, such as new codes implemented, new header images etc. Where he will grab this, post it to Cblair91, where Cblair91 can manage it and collect it into a organised fashion, where to upload to the wiki.


Dumps are also known as "database dumps", where all the rest of the information that we cannot fit into the category of "badges" or "furniture" will go. This contains information such as new features, general habbo images, and other updates.

What does this mean to me?

Basically, all the information that is collected automatically is uploaded here, where it is freely available for you guys to use in whatever method you want. All information for the badges, furniture and guides are written by YOU the public, and us as staff. We aim to be the biggest and the best information collection of habbo possible.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.