The Badge Obtain Level is used in Habbo Wiki on articles about badges to show the difficulty level to obtain a badge. In these articles, the badge will be ranked from 0 to 6 or unknown.


Rank Name Description
0 Not Released Badge has not been publicly released.
1 Common Easily earned within the hotel, such as by completing Achievements. Likely thousands of these badges exist.
2 Uncommon Earned by answering an opinion poll (no correct answer required) in the hotel or joining a promotional group. A good chance that over a thousand exist.
3 Rare Earned after solving a puzzle/quiz with correct answers. Usually 100-1000 players are given this badge. This also includes purchasing objects in real life to obtain a certain badge.
4 Very Rare Given only to small picked groups of players after a puzzle or contest. This usually only includes group video or group picture contests.

Super Rare

Very rare badges; usually given out manually by Habbo Staff. Only a few to several dozen players obtained.
6 Über Rare Only staff members or few people were given this badge.
# Unknown Lack of information/sources about the badge; cannot be officially ranked at the moment.
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