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Guest Rooms

A guest room (or simply shortened to room) is the base where you can place your furni and have other players inside. There are 29 total room layouts with 13 being only exclusive to HC members.

To create a room, players go to the room navigation tab. At the bottom of this tab, there is "Create Room". When you click this it will allow you to create a room.

In the Old Habbo era, players make new rooms via the Room-O-Matic.

Room layouts

These layouts are available to anyone regardless of HC status.

1r 2r 3r 4r 5r 6r 7r 8r9r 10r 11r 12r

HC Exclusive Room Layouts

When you become HC, you get an additional 13 more room layouts to choose from.

13r 14r 15r 16r 17r 19r 20r 21 22 23 24 25 19 20 18 1718r

Room settings

Within a room, there is a window where room owners can edit different settings of the room:

Basic Tab

  • Room name
  • Description
  • Category in which the room appears in the Navigator. Below a list of currently available options:
    • Agencies
    • Personal Space
    • Habbo Games
    • Role Playing
    • Chat and Discussion
    • Building and Decoration
    • Party
    • Fansite Square
    • Help Centers
    • Trading
  • The maximum amount of visitors. Below a list of currently available options:
    • 10
    • 15
    • 20
    • 25
    • 30
    • 35
    • 40
    • 45
    • 50
    • 55
    • 60
    • 65
    • 70
    • 75
  • Tags, which allow other players to find their room.
  • Trade Settings
    • Trading not allowed (No one in the room may create trades)
    • Room owners and users with rights (Only the room owner and users with rights may create trades)
    • Everyone can trade (Anyone in the room may create trades)
  • Enlist room in navigator top lists by furniture content.
  • Ability to disable room blocking
  • Ability to delete a room

Access Tab

  • Access to the room
    • Open - anyone can enter
    • Private - visitors have to ring a doorbell
    • Hidden - Invisible in navigator to users without rights (Only people with rights can see the room in the room navigator)
    • Locked - password is required to enter this room (You create the password)
  • Pet Settings
    • Allow Pets
    • Allow others' pets to eat food

Rights Tab

  • Rights settings, including a list of people who have rights. This tab shows nothing if the room is a group room.

Vip/Chat Tab

  • Hide room walls toggle (Only for HC users)
  • Size of walls
    • Thinnest walls
    • Thin walls
    • Normal walls
    • Thick walls
  • Size of floors
    • Thinnest floors
    • Thin floors
    • Normal floors
    • Thick floors
  • Edit chat viewing settings including how the bubbles flow, how thick they are, how fast they scroll up, and how far away people can hear other peoples chat

Moderate Tab

  • Change various user rights settings including who can mute users, who can kick users, and who can ban users
  • Shows a list of banned users and gives option to unban certain users
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