Grunge Catalog

Original Grunge Catalog Items

Grunge is a furni line based on worn out furniture or furniture bought at low cost in real life. Despite the ratty look, this furni goes along with the average prices of furni in Habbo. The section originally included 9 items (See image). More recently, the line has been mixed with Prison and Urban Furni in the catalog (please see those article for the respectable furni of their lines).


Name Images Description(s) Regular Catalog Price Dimensions
Grunge Barrel Grunge barrel Hands cold? Put up a barrel! 3 1X1
Grunge Bench Grunge sofa Who needs a couch when you've got this nice, comfy bench! 3 1X3
Grunge Candle Grunge candle Who needs electricity? 2 1X1
Grunge Chair Grunge chair Put yourself down in retro style. 4 1X1 (sit)
Grunge Mattress Grunge mattress Who needs a clean bed anyway?? ;) 3 1X3 (3 sit)
Grunge Radiator Grunge radiator Stay HOT! 3 1X1
Grunge Shelf Grunge shelves Bricks and some DIY skills.. rustic chic! 5 1X3
Grunge Sign Grunge stopsign Because Stop signs really do look better indoors ;) 3 1X1
Grunge Table Grunge table Alternative table for alternative people. 4 2X2


  • Grunge furni was first released in Japan, September 2007. In February 2008, some more pieces were released.
  • Despite looking as a bed/lay object, the matress has 3 sit spots.
  • The Bottle candle holder looks a lot like the Empty Spinning Bottle. However, the Spinning bottle is a little Smaller and lighter green.


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