Users queueing for a giveaway, typical format on Habbo Hotel.

A giveaway is an common event on Habbo Hotel, it means exactly the same as the phrase 'giveaway' does in real life. Typically, a player will give away random and typically worthless items of furni. More often than not, giveaways are used as a way to generate publicity or extra traffic to fansites.

Typical circumstances for a giveaway

  • User quitting the Hotel
  • Excess furni possessed by the user
  • To generate publicity for the specific user or for a particular website
  • To gather people into a room; free popularity
  • People who have been given free furni lie and claim the opposite to discredit the owner

Types of giveaways

Often, giveaways are reliant on a fansite's radio so a user must be listening and engaged in activity on a particular fansite to receive an item. Players may also have to roll a particular number on a dice in order to gain furni.

Giveaway groups

Giveaway groups are a special type of group where the owner gets up different events and games and the winners get to win free furni or coins. Many of these groups have high valued prizes such as rares and gold bars. Among regular client-based games, there are also forum games.

Rare, but it happens...

Some players really do giveaway furni or coins for free without a player having to do anything but turn up. But these are rare occurrences and often have large lines with not enough furni for all.