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Fushiku is a former staff member of 'Habbo AU'. She was a host for many events ran in the hotel, and had been great friends with many of the players among the Australian Habbo community.

Thursday, the 14th of May, 2009, had marked the date Fushiku had officially resigned from her role as 'Staff Member' and left the Australian Hotel community.

At the time, many players were upset from the fact that Fushiku had made her decision to leave. Some players had even decided to join her moments before her departure in the old 'Welcome Lounge' and even started to "clone" her as shown in this video uploaded just 4 days after she left.

(Warning: Video contains mild coarse language)

Not long after Fushiku's departure, she had been replaced by Tootsweets who was assigned as a new staff member for Australian hotel and had taken on Fushiku's duties while also carrying out his own...