Falling furni


An example of a falling furni game

Falling Furni (also Fallin Furni, Falling Furniture, or abbreviated to FF) is a user-moderated game played in guest rooms. Rules are different for each owner, but they are basically the same. This game is notable for being one of the oldest and most popular game.


The main setup is pretty simple with three areas: waiting area, a playing area and a hosting area. Although this can vary from owner to owner, it's generally something akin to this format.

  • Waiting Area: Where players wait for the game to start and can watch a game that's already in action. It is generally close to the door so players who first come in can join the queue; Wired furni can also be used to teleport users to a different location, although this can often be faulty and glitch.
  • Hosting Area: Where the host(s) sit and moderate the game. It is generally close to the playing area so the host does not have to shout (bold).
  • Playing Area: Where the game is played. This is where the furniture is dropped and users must rush to sit on it.


The game starts when the host agrees that the amount of players playing is adequate he/she will close the gate, not allowing anyone else in unless they pay the price the owner says to be let in to the game. Then the host drops various 1 Seater and 2 Seater furni, and players sit on them. The players that sit are safe from being eliminated unless a user Revs them. This continues until there are 3 players not seated. Then the host will ask them to stand in a triangle formation with one square in the middle. The host will then drop a chair in the middle of them and the first person to sit is safe. The host will then ask the last two players to stand one square away from each other in a vertical position. Then the host will drop one chair in the middle of them and the person that fails to sit loses. The host then gives them the options of P2s, Rev, Kick, or Watch. Although this might vary upon hosts.

Auto Kick

Auto Kick is when a host wires a certain seat so that when they drop the chair the user gets teleported out. This can be achieved by the wired described below. This is usually used with games that don't allow P2p.

Furni Required

  • Seats. (1 Seater, or 2 Seater)
  • WIRED Effect: Teleport User To Furni (Optional)
  • WIRED Trigger: User Walks On Furni (Optional)