"Freeze!.. and try the newest game to hit Habbo! Team up and plant snowball bombs to snap freeze your competitors. You could say it's so cool, it's frozen ;)"

For the Freeze Achievements seeFreeze Achievements. Freeze! is an official game released on December 15, 2010, this game was originally released by Habbo to compensate for the removal of Snowstorm. The game line has 13 different pieces of furniture. 



  • Choose a team. Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green.
  • Each team can have up to five players.
  • To place a Snowball, double click on the tile that you are standing on, or double click on a tile next to you.
  • Blow up Blocks for power-ups.
  • Team with the most points at the end of the each round wins.


fewewfefewfewfewfe Freeze! section of the catalog there are 12 different pieces of furni, to build your ultimate freeze game room.

Yellow Freeze Gate Freeze gate yellow(1) - Blue Freeze Gate Freeze gate blue(1) - Green Freeze Gate Freeze gate green(1) - Red Freeze GateFreeze gate red(1)

Yellow Freeze Scoreboard Freeze score yellow(1) - Blue Freeze Scoreboard Freeze score blue(1) - Green Freeze Scoreboard Freeze score green(1)

Red Freeze Scoreboard Freeze score red(1) - Freeze Counter Freeze counter(1) - Exit Tile Freeze exits - Freeze Geyser Es geysirs

Freeze Tile Freeze tile(1) - Freeze Ice Block Freeze box

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