Ice Ice Baby


ACH TagC11ACH TagC12ACH TagC13ACH TagC14ACH TagC15ACH TagC16ACH TagC17ACH TagC18ACH TagC19ACH TagC20

You earn these badges by spending 1551 minutes on an ice rink patch.

Roller Derby Raider


ACH RbTagC11ACH RbTagC12ACH RbTagC13ACH RbTagC14ACH RbTagC15ACH RbTagC16ACH RbTagC17ACH RbTagC18ACH RbTagC19ACH RbTagC20

You earn these badges by spending 1551 minutes on a roller rink.

Xmas Quester 2011

ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted1 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted2 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted3 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted4 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted5 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted6 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted7 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted8 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted9 ACH Xmas11QuestCompleted10

Smooth Operator 2012

ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted1 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted2 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted3 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted4 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted5 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted6 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted7 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted8 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted9 ACH Valentines12QuestCompleted10

April Fools 2012

ACH AprilFools12QuestCompleted1

Monster Plant Quester

ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted1 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted2 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted3 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted4 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted5 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted6 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted7 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted8 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted9 ACH MonsterPlantQuestCompleted10

You earn these badges by finishing 30 monster plant quests. Note: You can no longer receive this badge.

Monster Plant Tender

ACH MonsterPlantTreater1 ACH MonsterPlantTreater2 ACH MonsterPlantTreater3 ACH MonsterPlantTreater4 ACH MonsterPlantTreater5 You earn these badges by tending to a lot of monster plants.

Monster Plant Breeder

ACH MonsterPlantBreeder1 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder2 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder3 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder4 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder5 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder6 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder7 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder8 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder9 ACH MonsterPlantBreeder10

You earn these badges by breeding a lot of monster plants.

Monster Plant Shape Collector

ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector1 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector2 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector3 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector4 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector5 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector6 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector7 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector8 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector9 ACH MonsterPlantShapeCollector10

You earn these badges by breeding a lot of different species of monster plants.

Monster Plant Color Collector

ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector1 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector2 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector3 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector4 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector5 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector6 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector7 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector8 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector9 ACH MonsterPlantColorCollector10

You earn these badges by breeding a lot of different colored monster plants.

Monster Plant Healer

ACH MonsterPlantHealer1 ACH MonsterPlantHealer2 ACH MonsterPlantHealer3 ACH MonsterPlantHealer4 ACH MonsterPlantHealer5

You earn these badges by using the revival potion on so many monster plants.

Gardener of Death

ACH MonsterPlantGardenOfDeath1 ACH MonsterPlantGardenOfDeath2 ACH MonsterPlantGardenOfDeath3 ACH MonsterPlantGardenOfDeath4 ACH MonsterPlantGardenOfDeath5

Unlucky Gardener

ACH MonsterPlantUnluckyGardener1 ACH MonsterPlantUnluckyGardener2 ACH MonsterPlantUnluckyGardener3 ACH MonsterPlantUnluckyGardener4 ACH MonsterPlantUnluckyGardener5

In The Footsteps of The Ancients Quester

ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted1 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted2 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted3 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted4 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted5 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted6 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted7 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted8 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted9 ACH HabbosVsWildQuestCompleted10

You earn these badges bycompleting 24 In the footsteps of the ancients quests. Note: You can no longer receive this badge.

Room competition voter

ACH RoomCompetitionVoter1 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter2 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter3 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter4 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter5 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter6 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter7 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter8 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter9 ACH RoomCompetitionVoter10

You earn these badges by voting a lot in room competitions. Note: You can only try to get this badge during room voting competitions.


ACH LympixTorchBearer1 ACH LympixTorchBearer2 ACH LympixTorchBearer3 ACH LympixTorchBearer4 ACH LympixTorchBearer5 ACH LympixTorchBearer6 ACH LympixTorchBearer7 ACH LympixTorchBearer8 ACH LympixTorchBearer9 ACH LympixTorchBearer10

ACH LympixTorchBearer11 ACH LympixTorchBearer12 ACH LympixTorchBearer13 ACH LympixTorchBearer14 ACH LympixTorchBearer15 ACH LympixTorchBearer16

Habbo-lympix Secret Service

ACH LympixSecretService1 ACH LympixSecretService2 ACH LympixSecretService3 ACH LympixSecretService4 ACH LympixSecretService5 ACH LympixSecretService6 ACH LympixSecretService7 ACH LympixSecretService8 ACH LympixSecretService9 ACH LympixSecretService10

ACH LympixSecretService11 ACH LympixSecretService12 ACH LympixSecretService13 ACH LympixSecretService14 ACH LympixSecretService15 ACH LympixSecretService16

Black Hole Explorer

ACH FurnimaticQuest1 ACH FurnimaticQuest2 ACH FurnimaticQuest3 ACH FurnimaticQuest4 ACH FurnimaticQuest5 ACH FurnimaticQuest6 ACH FurnimaticQuest7 ACH FurnimaticQuest8 ACH FurnimaticQuest9 ACH FurnimaticQuest10

ACH FurnimaticQuest11 ACH FurnimaticQuest12 ACH FurnimaticQuest13 ACH FurnimaticQuest14 ACH FurnimaticQuest15 ACH FurnimaticQuest16 ACH FurnimaticQuest17

Freak Out

ACH CostumeHopper1 ACH CostumeHopper2 ACH CostumeHopper3 ACH CostumeHopper4

Mystery Box explorer

ACH MysteryBox1 ACH MysteryBox2 ACH MysteryBox3 ACH MysteryBox4 ACH MysteryBox5 ACH MysteryBox6 ACH MysteryBox7 ACH MysteryBox8 ACH MysteryBox9 ACH MysteryBox10

Room Raider

ACH RoomEntry1 ACH RoomEntry2 ACH RoomEntry3 ACH RoomEntry4 ACH RoomEntry5 ACH RoomEntry6 ACH RoomEntry7 ACH RoomEntry8 ACH RoomEntry9 ACH RoomEntry10

ACH RoomEntry11 ACH RoomEntry12 ACH RoomEntry13 ACH RoomEntry14 ACH RoomEntry15 ACH RoomEntry16 ACH RoomEntry17 ACH RoomEntry18 ACH RoomEntry19 ACH RoomEntry20

Room Raider is an achievement on Habbo. To achieve the badge, you must hang out in guest rooms you don't own. The more rooms, the higher the level on your badge. To earn each badge, you must visit that number of rooms.

You must 'visit' different rooms for it to count.

To "visit" means you can just enter the room, then leave right away.


ACH EggCracker1 ACH EggCracker2 ACH EggCracker3 ACH EggCracker4 ACH EggCracker5 ACH EggCracker6 ACH EggCracker7 ACH EggCracker8 ACH EggCracker9 ACH EggCracker10

Egg Master

ACH EggMaster1 ACH EggMaster2 ACH EggMaster3

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