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Don't Say Yes or No (abbreviated DSYON) is a user-moderated game. Started sometime in 2008, the objective is to answer questions without using the words "yes", "no", or anything similar. There are usually multiple stages with different hosts you have to go through in order to win.


Most games have the same setup: A pathway with blocked off sections for each round. Games have several hosts, which host a specific round. Once the contestant passes all the rounds, he/she wins and most likely gets to host.

To win the game, the player must be able to answer the hosts' questions without saying "yes" or "no". Typical games have these rules:

  • Prohibited words: Yes, No, Any word that contains Yes or No in them (e.g. S'no'w, 'Yes'terday), Acronyms (e.g. lol, wtf, mhm).
  • The answer must be more than one word. (Usually, it must be a complete sentence.)
  • Numbers aren't allowed and must be spelled out (1 is one, 2 is two...)
  • You cannot answer the question with another question.