Here is a list of achievements that cannot be earned anymore and/or do not appear in the achievements widget anymore.

American Idol 'Hidden Talent'

"Gather X votes."

You earned these badges in the American Idol campaign. Players would stand on the Hot Spot & Scoreboard, to play a song in a room. Users would then use a Voting Chair to rate the player's performance. The more votes you accumulated, the higher badge you would earn. After the New Habbo updates, when music furni was broken, this system was never fixed.

ACH AIPerformanceVote1ACH AIPerformanceVote2ACH AIPerformanceVote3ACH AIPerformanceVote4ACH AIPerformanceVote5ACH AIPerformanceVote6ACH AIPerformanceVote7ACH AIPerformanceVote8ACH AIPerformanceVote9ACH AIPerformanceVote10

Battle Royal

"For playing and winning Snow Storm or for the game of Battle Ball X times."

You earned this badge by winning so many games of original Battleball or SnowStorm.

ACH GamePlayed1 ACH GamePlayed2 ACH GamePlayed3 ACH GamePlayed4 ACH GamePlayed5 ACH GamePlayed6 ACH GamePlayed7 ACH GamePlayed8 ACH GamePlayed9 ACH GamePlayed10

Level 1 - Win 1. Level 2 - Win 5. Level 3 - Win 20. Level 4 - Win 50. Level 5 - Win 100. Level 6 - Win 160. Level 7 - Win 200. Level 8 - Win 280. Level 9 - Win 360. Level 10 - Win 440.

The Graduate

The Graduate The habbo student badge was made for Habbos that "completed their confusing newbie experience". The badge was discontinued after the Habbo Guides program was introduced. The guide program was later temporarily discontinued for Guide Bot.

Invite Badges

"For inviting X real life friend(s) to Habbo."

You got these badges by inviting your friends to come play Habbo. You could send people an "Invite Link" through Habbo's website. If the invited person created an account through the link, you would earn badges.

Invite1Invite2Invite3Invite4Invite5Invite6ACH MGM7ACH MGM8ACH MGM9ACH MGM10


"For charging X Pixels into Fireworks Furni."

When Pixels were removed in June 2012, these badges became impossible to earn.

ACH FireworksCharger1ACH FireworksCharger2ACH FireworksCharger3ACH FireworksCharger4ACH FireworksCharger5ACH FireworksCharger6ACH FireworksCharger7ACH FireworksCharger9ACH FireworksCharger10

Habbo Guide Badges

Guide BunnyLevel 1 - Bunny

BambiHG Level 2 - Bambi

BeaverHG Level 3 - Otter

BagerHG Level 4 - Badger

FoxLevel 5 - Fox

LynxLevel 6 - Lynx

OxLevel 7 - Ox

BearLevel 8 - Bear

EagleLevel 9 - Eagle

OwlLevel 10 - Owl

WolfLevel X - Wolf

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