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CrestHawk became the manager on June 27, 2007 of Habbo USA.

He has been criticized for his apparent prejudice against normal Habbos; some have said he responded only to Habbo Club and VIP members on his guestbook. However, this was only a common accusation.


On 5/28/2010, it was announced that CrestHawk had resigned. The promotion, 8 Bit Trip was then revealed to be a farewell event of sorts for CrestHawk. A rumor circulated that CrestHawk was fired from hotel management due to the merge of the hotels.


Cresthawk Ending


  • He is a massive NASCAR fan and often hosted competitions related to the subject, e.g. predict the 2010 'Daytona 500' winner.
  • In an event around Valentine's Day 2009, CrestHawk was married in-Habbo to staff member and real-life spouse Moiraine. They have since divorced.
  • His top five favorite animes are Dragonball Z, Cell Saga, Samurai X, Tenchi Muyo!, Ronin Warriors,and Gundam Wing.

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