Costumes, similar to effects, were introduced into the hotel October 2012 for the Habboween campaign. Costumes last longer than effects - lasting a month rather than an hour.

Costumes can be found next to the effects tab in your habbo clothing changer.

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Habboween 2012 Costumes

These were the first costumes and were rather controversial due to the fact that you had to buy pumpkins (2012 Habboween currency like clouds) to obtain them. It costs real life money to obtain. There are twelve costumes in the Habboween 2012 set.

Soon after Habboween, the costumes were reduced to an average of 3 coins only, much to the annoyance of players who had bought coins to obtain them.

"It wouldn't be Habboween without costumes! Get yours today and give someone the fright of their life. Be warned though, you might be posessed by the ancient spirits of the fair."

Costume one Costume two

Costume three Costume four

Costume a Costume b



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Habbostars 2012 Costumes

These costumes were released on the 9th of November 2012 alongside the Habbostars campaign.

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