Costume Change (or cozzie change, commonly abbreviated as CC) is a user-moderated game played in guest rooms. Rules can vary but they are basically the same.


The room is divided into three areas: the playing area, queue line, and VIP area. Seats are placed in rows in the playing area to accommodate the players.


The host calls out a theme and players dress up their Habbo into an object/person that is associated with that theme. The main concept behind this is changing into the basic colours of the object or dressing like the person. The players stand up when they are done changing. When everyone is standing, the host allows players who are dressed the closest according to the theme to sit down. The players who are sitting down and other Habbos in line to play vote on the last two standing. The one with the least amount of votes get a choice to p2s, kick, or rev. The process repeats until there is one person left and they get a prize of furni or rights to the room; although generally, the game is played for fun or rights and there are no options or p2s, kick or rev.

Common themes that hosts may choose include:

  • Celebrities (sometimes with the exception of certain overused people)
  • Furni
  • Food
  • Jobs
  • Animals
  • Habbo babies
  • Ugly
  • Things at your computer desk/current location

Some judges have rules against using effects in your costume, some do not (e.g. dressing as a homeless person and setting the flies effect).


"Poofing" was the name given to the dust-cloud effect that happens to your habbo when you change their looks. Some judges had rules against "double poofing" which is changing twice, assuming the player has changed, looked at the other player's outfits, then changed again. Poofing was introduced in the 2007 update, but was removed in New Habbo, making it easier for players to change their clothes without the host noticing.

The "Old Costume Change"

Before Old Habbo, a user would have to go to the Hotel View to change, leaving the room. To solve this, game hosts would have to create a second room for the game, connected by teleporters. The second room would have a password set, given to the players before the game has started. After the player has changed, they go to the password-protected room, through the teleporter, and into the game room.


Due to the fact that VIP members have many more resources to use in CC than Non-VIP users, the game may be declared as unfair. Some CC rooms have rules set so players may only use Non-VIP clothes. Though this is very rare to see, it does affect the fairness of the game.