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[ The Habbo 2020 Looks Editor]
[ The Habbo 2020 Looks Editor]
[ Habbo 2020: Shop and the Marketplace]

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As many of the Habbos in our community are aware, Flash will be discontinued by the end of 2020. You may also know that for some time now, we've been hard at work developing a brand new replacement client to ensure Habbo is open, alive and well for the foreseeable future.

Last month we shared a few core facts on our social media pages, but now we'd like to go into a bit more detail and even give you a first look at the new client.

Information we got so far:

  • The new client is being built with Unity, a cross-platform game engine.
  • As time progresses, we'll be able to go into more detail about specific features and how they will look. Examples include Habbo profiles, the Marketplace, etc.
  • While the new client will look and feel very similar to Habbo as it exists today, some things will look and function differently.

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Habbo 2020's UI

The Habbo 2020 Looks Editor

Habbo 2020: Shop and the Marketplace

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