The Build Your Room Achievements are earned through room building and designing. The actions needed to complete these range from gathering points in your own room to laying down bunny run tiles!

You can get a lot of these by having a booster in your room (Game Arcade), using duckets (wallpaper, floor, landscape) or using builders club (even free trial is good enough to get a few) (get your skates on my ice rink, roller rink, etc.)

Game Arcade Owner

ACH GameAuthorExperience1 ACH GameAuthorExperience2 ACH GameAuthorExperience3 ACH GameAuthorExperience4 ACH GameAuthorExperience5 ACH GameAuthorExperience6 ACH GameAuthorExperience7 ACH GameAuthorExperience8 ACH GameAuthorExperience9 ACH GameAuthorExperience10

ACH GameAuthorExperience11 ACH GameAuthorExperience12 ACH GameAuthorExperience13 ACH GameAuthorExperience14 ACH GameAuthorExperience15 Ach gameauthorexperience16 ACH GameAuthorExperience17 ACH GameAuthorExperience18 ACH GameAuthorExperience19 ACH GameAuthorExperience20

For gathering so many points with games in your own rooms.

The easiest way to get these completed are to build a booster in your room.

Get Your Skates On My Ice Rink!


ACH TagA11ACH TagA12ACH TagA13ACH TagA14ACH TagA15ACH TagA16ACH TagA17ACH TagA18ACH TagA19ACH TagA20

You earn these badges by placing down so many ice skating tiles.

Rooms Liked By Staff

ACH Spr1 ACH Spr2 ACH Spr3 ACH Spr4 ACH Spr5 ACH Spr6 ACH Spr7 ACH Spr8 ACH Spr9 ACH Spr10

For getting so many rooms liked by staff.

Rink Builder


ACH RbTagA11ACH RbTagA12ACH RbTagA13ACH RbTagA14ACH RbTagA15ACH RbTagA16ACH RbTagA17ACH RbTagA18ACH RbTagA19ACH RbTagA20

You earn these by putting down so many roller rink tiles in your room.

Room Builder

ACH RoomDecoFurniCount1 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount2 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount3 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount4 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount5 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount6 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount7 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount8 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount9 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount10

ACH RoomDecoFurniCount11 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount12 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount13 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount14 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount15 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount16 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount17 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount18 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount19 ACH RoomDecoFurniCount20

For having a room with so many furnis

Furni Collector

ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount1 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount2 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount3 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount4 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount5 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount6 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount7 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount8 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount9 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount10

ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount11 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount12 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount13 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount14 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount15 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount16 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount17 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount18 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount19 ACH RoomDecoFurniTypeCount20

For building a room with so many different furnis.

Room Host

ACH RoomDecoHosting1 ACH RoomDecoHosting2 ACH RoomDecoHosting3 ACH RoomDecoHosting4 ACH RoomDecoHosting5 ACH RoomDecoHosting6 ACH RoomDecoHosting7 ACH RoomDecoHosting8 ACH RoomDecoHosting9 ACH RoomDecoHosting10

ACH RoomDecoHosting11 ACH RoomDecoHosting12 ACH RoomDecoHosting13 ACH RoomDecoHosting14 ACH RoomDecoHosting15 ACH RoomDecoHosting16 ACH RoomDecoHosting17 ACH RoomDecoHosting18 ACH RoomDecoHosting19 ACH RoomDecoHosting20

You get this from other Habbos spending so much time in your rooms.

Floor Designer

ACH RoomDecoFloor1 ACH RoomDecoFloor2 ACH RoomDecoFloor3 ACH RoomDecoFloor4 ACH RoomDecoFloor5 ACH RoomDecoFloor6 ACH RoomDecoFloor7 ACH RoomDecoFloor8 ACH RoomDecoFloor9 ACH RoomDecoFloor10

ACH RoomDecoFloor11 ACH RoomDecoFloor12 ACH RoomDecoFloor13 ACH RoomDecoFloor14 ACH RoomDecoFloor15 ACH RoomDecoFloor16 ACH RoomDecoFloor17 ACH RoomDecoFloor18 ACH RoomDecoFloor19 ACH RoomDecoFloor20

For putting down so many floor patterns.

Landscape Designer

ACH RoomDecoLandscape1 ACH RoomDecoLandscape2 ACH RoomDecoLandscape3 ACH RoomDecoLandscape4 ACH RoomDecoLandscape5 ACH RoomDecoLandscape6 ACH RoomDecoLandscape7 ACH RoomDecoLandscape8 ACH RoomDecoLandscape9 ACH RoomDecoLandscape10

ACH RoomDecoLandscape11 ACH RoomDecoLandscape12 ACH RoomDecoLandscape13 ACH RoomDecoLandscape14 ACH RoomDecoLandscape15 ACH RoomDecoLandscape16 ACH RoomDecoLandscape17 ACH RoomDecoLandscape18 ACH RoomDecoLandscape19 ACH RoomDecoLandscape20

For adding so many landscapes to your room.

Wall Designer

ACH RoomDecoWallpaper1 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper2 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper3 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper4 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper5 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper6 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper7 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper8 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper9 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper10

ACH RoomDecoWallpaper11 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper12 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper13 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper14 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper15 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper16 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper17 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper18 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper19 ACH RoomDecoWallpaper20

For adding so many wallpapers to your room.

Bunny Run Field Builder

ACH RbBunnyTag1 ACH RbBunnyTag2 ACH RbBunnyTag3 ACH RbBunnyTag4 ACH RbBunnyTag5 ACH RbBunnyTag6 ACH RbBunnyTag7 ACH RbBunnyTag8 ACH RbBunnyTag9 ACH RbBunnyTag10

For putting so many bunny run tiles down in one room.

Room Architect

ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount1 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount2 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount3 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount4 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount5 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount6 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount7 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount8 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount9 ACH RoomDecoHoleFurniCount10

You get these badges by adding a certain amount of Black Holes to your room.

Snowboarding Builder

ACH snowBoardBuild1ACH snowBoardBuild2ACH snowBoardBuild3ACH snowBoardBuild4ACH snowBoardBuild5

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