Habboween brown pants

Brown-Pants was an ex-staff member on Habbo Hotel USA. He joined the staff in February 2006. He was a Pixel Pusher Along with Hiro-p in 2006.


In 2006, Sulake had many lay-offs, Brown-Pants was laid off around this time (Along with more Sulake staff).


His rooms were visited often, due to the fact of being able to see new furni and recolors, not yet released to the public in The most notable of these rooms were Generl1 which had many new rares, still to this day have not been released to Habbo's on .com.


Brown-pants also hosted many staff events, having to do with Kedo's kidnapping in 2006, along with Habbo's birthday maze in 2006 in which the Red laser gate was released.