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Habbo Theme Battle Ball

Battleball, commonly abbreviated as "BB", was introduced in October 2005. It was an official game in Habbo. In Old Habbo (2004 - 2008) you would be charged 1 gaming ticket. However, with the release of New Habbo, the game was made free until it was removed.


Battleball (BB) was one of the four main games on Habbo, the other three were Lido Diving, Wobble Squabble and Snowstorm. To play Battleball, you must have at least two teams, a red team and a blue team, if there are four teams, then green and yellow teams are added. Basically, all you have to do in Battleball is to bounce over squares arranged in a certain way for each stage, on your space hopper. You must bounce on a square three times to "lock" it, it will then become brightly lit up and no-one can go over it again (without special items). The special items in Battleball are often called "Weapons." There are many different weapons, which do various things, some can make all teams the same color, in order to assist one team, other weapons can undo locked squares, and one can lock a square in one bounce. There are two different ways of winning a Battleball match, one is by making all the squares on the certain stage locked, and the other is to wait for the time to run out.

There were many tricks which can help you win a Battleball game, such as "fast-locking," which is when you constantly click in two different directions to make your Habbo bounce on two squares continuously to lock them quicker. This is to prevent a habbo from a different team from "stealing" squares. Cheating was possible by using an "Auto-Clicker", this allows you to move very quickly, while a computer macro would automatically click for you. However, hackers, macro users, and bots could be banned for doing this.

The Arenas

During Battleball's existence in habbo there were many different gaming arenas available.

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The Challenge

It's known that, after battle ball launch, ranked habbos were awarded with a badge and some rare furni.

Battle Banzai

Main article: Battle Banzai

On September 21, 2010, Habbo released a spin-off to Battleball, called "Battle Banzai". The new game still uses the same concept of Battleball, but is instead played in guest rooms instead of a public room. The owner of the room hosts the game and can control it. Owners can create a playing area with themed furni available form the catalog.

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