This colorful range of furni has everything you need to style out your room and build great spaces.

Base is a line of Furni that was released on February 21, 2013. It consists of 47 pieces of Furni in the Duckets section and 48 pieces of Furni in the Credits section. (The Silver Base Floor cannot be rented with Duckets.) Base Furni can be rented with Duckets, and bought with Credits. It was released the same day as Duckets were.  After you rent a furni, in one week that furni will disappear unless you extend the time you rent it for by spending more Duckets. This is pretty much a remake of the Hello furni line which was available when Pixels were around.

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Blue Base Bed-Small pixel bed blue  Pink Clock-Small pixel clock pink  Red Clock-Small pixel clock red Silver Base Floor-Small pixel floor silver Brown Base Floor-Small pixel floor brown

Yellow Base Floor-Small pixel floor yellow Blue Base Floor-Small pixel floor blue Green Base Floor-Small pixel floor green Pink Base Floor-Small pixel floor pink Blue Base Light-Small pixel light blue

Green Base Light-Small pixel light green Red Base Light-Small pixel lightred Pink Base Light-Small pixel light pink Base Mirror-Small pixel mirror Green Base Bed-Pixel bed green

Red Base Bed-Pixel bed red

Pink Base Bed-Pixel bed pink Blue Carpet- Red Carpet- Green Carpet- Pink Carpet- Red Base Chair Pink Base Chair-

Blue Base Chair- Green Base Chair- Blue Clock- Green Clock- Blue Base Painting- Red Base Painting- Pink Base Painting-

Green Base Painting- Blue Base Plant- Green Base Plant- Red Base Plant- Pink Base Plant-

Blue Base Small Table- Green Base Small Table- Red Base Small Table- Pink Base Small Table-

Blue Base Table- Green Base Table- Red Base Table- Pink Base Table- Blue Base Wall- Pink Base Wall-

Green Base Wall- Red Base Wall- Base Wall Decoration-

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