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A ban is a form of punishment given to players who break the Habbo Way during which they are unable to log into Habbo for a certain amount of time. Bans are given by moderators and the amount of time banned depends on the severity of the player's actions (see below).

Throughout Habbo's history, the ban system has been changed several times to increase the effectiveness of bans. Specific reasons for bans have been created, which corresponds to the player's offense(s), and therefore, determines which ban he/she will get.

As a side effect from The Great Mute in 2012, bans were updated significantly to incorporate mutes into the system more.

Types of bans

    This ban category has been removed.

Ban category Explanation Ban/mute Length Actions that may trigger a ban Notes
Scamming Attempting to steal another player's furni, coins, or account details. Up to a permanent ban (11 years) Posing as Habbo Staff, running scam sites, offering free furni in exchange for their password, kicking players after they've won games.
Personal Identifying Information Asking for or sharing personal information that may reveal one's identity. Because of Habbo's target age and demographics and the nature of the Internet, sharing personal information is discouraged. Between 24 hours and 30 days. Sharing full names, e-mail/street addresses, specific names of locations (e.g. schools), pictures, social networking links.
Sexually Explicit Behaviour Engaging (roleplaying) in sexual acts or using sexually explicit language.

2-3 hour mute, 24-hour ban, 11-year ban (permanent)

Cybersex, offering furni or coins in exchange for cybersex, giving out porn links. Affected by the new ban/mute system–was originally a 24-hour ban prior to the update.
Harassment Behaviours intended to harass or annoy other players. 2 hour mute Bullying, creation of hate rooms, mimicking another player's username, spreading rumors, and generally not leaving the player alone. Affected by the new ban/mute system–was originally a 2-hour ban prior to the update.


Behaviors intended to disrupt the hotel and others' playing experiences. Formerly a 2-hour ban Flooding, room raiding, attempting to disconnect another player, blocking doors and teleports, repeated attempts to trade against another player's will. This ban reason has been removed entirely and players can no longer be banned for disruption.
Hate Speech Verbal remarks intended to discriminate or otherwise harass. Tied with the Harassment category. 2 hour mute The use of profanity, racist/homophobic/sexist remarks. Affected by the new ban/mute system–was originally a 4-hour ban prior to the update.
Terms and Conditions Violation Violation of Habbo's terms and conditions, which was read and agreed during registration. 11 years (permanent ban) Using Habbo for illegal activities (selling drugs, pornography, etc.), using a third-party software to disrupt the hotel (hacking) or to one's advantage in the game, making violent threats, being underage (Habbo requires players to be 13 years or older), sharing confidential information by Sulake. If the offense is serious enough, law enforcement may be contacted.
Inappropriate Material Owning things that may be considered inappropriate or offensive, such as having a username with profanity. Limited to usernames, room, and group names. Usually a mute, but unacceptable usernames are often permanently banned. Usernames, room names, or group names with profanity, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive content. Room and group names are replaced with "Unacceptable to hotel management". Owners of offensive usernames may be given a chance to have it renamed and become unbanned.
Fraud Owning or obtaining furni or coins through illegitimate methods or without the bill payer's permission. Formerly 11-year ban (permanent) Using third-party software or buying credits through credit card, text message, or landline payment without the payer's permission. Now removed and offenders are given a Terms and Conditions ban.
Banned on Login

A message given if a banned player tries to log in.


  • Permanent ban - a ban in which the time limit is said be "permanent"; despite this, bans actually last 11 years. This is commonly called a "perm ban", and the state of having one is to be "permed". Many banned players create a new account and attempt to start over.
    • The idea of a permanent ban is to make it so players cannot play Habbo, but within the time limit set so players cannot get Sulake in trouble with the law for the banned player's losses. In the Terms and Conditions they already state: "Purchases of Habbo® Coins and of Premium Subscriptions (as defined below) are purchases of a limited, non-transferable, revocable license. The license may be terminated immediately if your account is terminated for any reason, in Sulake's sole and absolute discretion, or if Sulake discontinues providing the services on the Site."
  • IP ban - a ban in which a player's IP address is blocked, preventing the creation of multiple accounts. When a player with an IP ban tries to log in, even with another account, the servers will read the IP address and decline the request. Some IP bans can be cleared by changing your IP address, and many third-party programs claim they can change a player's IP address in order to become unbanned. This is not recommended, as some of these programs may infect your computer with malware when downloaded.
  • Safety ban - a special type of ban exclusive for accounts that have had their security compromised by a hacker. Usually lasting 24 hours, they are intended to deter hackers from accessing the account and prevent additional damage by banning the account and closing access to Habbo. Proof that the account was taken over by an unauthorised user must be provided or players cannot request one. Safety bans were once common during Old Habbo, but are rare today due to various security upgrades implemented in New Habbo. However, more recently, safety bans were initiated to compromised accounts during an exploit in account security.

What you lose

If you become banned, you could lose the following:

  • The ability to access Habbo through the banned account or your IP address, if it is an IP ban.
  • Your Habbo Home will become inaccessible.
  • Any HC days will be lost during the ban.
  • If you are permanently banned, you can not retrieve your furni, badges, trax songs, friends list and/or rooms back. (You also will find the terms and conditions stop you from holding Sulake responsible).
  • Habbo limits the small amount of free stuff they give you.

What you can still have

  • If you didn't receive an IP ban, you can make another account.
  • Rooms on your past user can still be viewed and used by anyone. (As long as they're unlocked or have a teleport connection to them).
  • Any groups made by the banned account, will still be in use. (Unless the group was the reason for the ban).
  • All trophies will still have the banned account's name engraved on them.

New Ban/Mute System

When Habbo recovered from The Great Mute, and the new Habbo Way was published, Habbo introduced a new mute/ban system, claiming that minor offenses would result in a 1-4 hour mute, where as major offense (hacking, etc.) would result in bans. Habbo moderators can still manually infract users with bans and mutes, and flood mutes still exist.

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