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Badges are awarded for the completion of game-specific challenges, such as logging in daily, winning a special event, or by supporting a special cause.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of badges around the world. Hotels, by country, may decide to implement new badges for special events. However, some badges can be considered "Universal", where a badge is used among all or most hotels.


See Main Article: Achievements.

The most common badges in Habbo are achievements. Typically, an achievement badge has 10 or 20 levels of badges. Once you earn a new level of the achievement, your badge will be replaced reflecting your new level.

Special Events

Some of the rarest badges have been earned during special events. Most of these badges are only released once to users. In fact, a few badges have only been released to one or very few players, by winning a contest.

Authority badges

  • ADM
    All Habbo Staff are supposed to wear a special "ADM" (Likely short for "Admin") badge. In 2 cases, badges have been changed for looking too much like this badge, including one from Kick Wars and for starting a Room Promo.
  • All bots are automatically given a "BOT" badge.
    Bot Badge
  • Guests, usually guests involving Celebrity Visits or Advertisement campaigns, will typically receive a VIP.
  • Though no longer in use, at one point "Intern Badges" (US09) would be used to distinguish Habbo Staff Interns.

Image Files

Badges are 40x40 pixels in image size. A few exceptions include mistakes, found in Habbo's files (which are never released) and several badges from China.

XM7 old
XM7, a badge released for Christmas 2007, is the only badge to have an animation. Though this badge's animation doesn't work inside the hotel, it worked for on-site features (like Habbo Homes and Forums).

Habbo's team has played a joke on people searching for badges, by creating a badge, with the code, "WHY". Creepily, this badge says "YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHY THIS BADGE IS HERE".

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