A badge code, commonly also known as "Badge ID", is one of the only ways to track down badges on Habbo's network. Usually these codes consist of 3-4 characters.


The way this works is every badge Image can be found on Habbo's server simply by typing in a URL into your search engine and picking which Badge ID you want.

Using the URLs to advantage

  1. Type in a URL (above) into a search bar.
  2. At the end of the URL, type a badge ID. (So you should have something like: [Note: Change the XXX to the ID your looking for]).
  3. Make sure the URL ends with .gif (the file type for 99% of badges on Habbo).

Joke on people using this system (Removed)



A badge at was released for people searching for badges. Habbo assumed well someone would try "WHY" as a badge ID. This is merely a joke badge. The font on the badge is white, making it hard to see but, putting it over a darker background reveals this finding. The badge says: "YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHY THIS BADGE IS HERE". This was later removed, for unknown reasons.

Old URLS (Removed)

All badges once were available on all sites, so you should be able to use any country URL. This was so each Hotel doesn't have to remake every badge released. is the English Hotel.