Collectibles 2

As of July 2, 2008 Habbo started calling rares by another name - collectibles. Collectibles are rare items that you can buy from the catalog for 25 Coins. At first collectibles were released once every month. Now they are released around special events.


From July to December 2008 a series of furniture from around the world were released for users to collect.

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Gondola Svnr gondolad- Big Ben Svnr bigbens- Clog Svnr clogs- Garden Gnome Svnr gnome- Koala Svnr koalas- Finnish Sauna Svnr saunas

The Lost City

January - July 2009. A lost city theme on the bottom of the sea, related to Bensalem.

The Leviatha Lc merdragond - Iku-Turso Lc octopusd- Architeuthis Lc tele- Sacred Fire Lc totum 1- Totem Spirit Head Lc totum 2

Totem Planet Lc totem 3d


July - September 2009. Accompanying the scifi campaign. The Dizziti is no longer considered rare as it was given as a prize for intergalactix kickwars.

Dizziti Scifi alien- Cryogenic Bed Scifi pod- Astro-Bar Scifi minibar


There is only one item in the Halloween collectible section. It the last collectible and was released in October 2009

Ghostly Organ Hween 09 organ