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Area is a line of furni. It contains plain, office-like furniture. It was originally known as Silo until 2002.

Previous Versions

Over the years the look of Area furniture has changed. From its humble days as Silo furni it has become both detailed and colourful.

Area 1
It's original Silo state.
Area 2d
The second, more detailed version.
Area 3
The Area line in it's current state which appeared in Habbo V11.

Area images


The study desk was first released in Finland, September 2006 and the safe + barstool was released October 2006 in Switzerland.

Area armchair Area chair Area coffeetable Area corner Area desk Area divider Area gate Area safe

Area bookshelves Area stool Area sofa Area table Area bed 1 Area bed 2


Black was first released in Switzerland 2006

Area armchair black Area chair black Area coffeetable black Area corner black Area gate black Area safe black Area sofa black Area stool black Area table black


The white area line was first released in Denmark, July 2007 but the safebar was released on the UK Habbo November 2007.

Area armchair white Area chair white Area coffeetable white Area corner white Area gate white Area safe white Area sofa white Area stool white Area table white


Beige was first released in parts, China July 2007. The sofa appeared in the US August 2007 and finally the whole range was released in Australia 2007.

Area armchair beige Area chair beige Area coffeetable beige Area corner beige Area gate beige Area safe beige Area sofa beige Area stool beige Area table beige


The full range of pink furni was first released in Canada/US April 2007.

Area armchair pink Area chair pink Area coffeetable pink Area corner pink Area gate pink Area safe pink Area sofa pink Area stool pink Area table pink


In January 2007, the blue area set was released in US and Canada.

Area armchair blue Area chair blue Area coffeetable blue Area corner blue Area gate blue Area safe blue Area sofa blue Area stool blue Area table blue


The first parts of the set was released in Russia, March 2007. Then the whole set was released by US and Canada.

Area armchair green Area chair green Area coffeetable green Area corner green Area gate green Area safe green Area sofa green Area stool green Area table green


The first sightings of yellow area was in Germany, 2006 when the barstool and the minibar was released into the hotel. The whole range was released in Singapore November 2007.

Area armchair yellow Area chair yellow Area coffeetable yellow Area corner yellow Area gate yellow Area safe yellow Area sofa yellow Area stool yellow Area table yellow


Red area was released in Denmark, November 2006.

Area armchair red Area chair red Area coffeetable red Area corner red Area gate red Area safe red Area sofa red Area stool red Area table red


Purple area was released after the Easter events of 2013... This furniture was found by cracking eggs.