Ambassadors are a group of experienced Habbos who were originally chosen by Habbo staff.

An ambassador's main role is to welcome new users to the hotel. They also make sure that public rooms are nice, safe places for everyone to hang out. Ambassadors may also help keep official game rooms blocker-free. It was released the 3rd of November, 2014. Although they had joined a group for Ambassadors the 27th of October, 2014.

After the first wave of the ambassadors was introduced, Habbo released a page on their customer support website about the ambassadors and how to become one, Stating that user's must be a full guardian, have a clean record and use the bully tool frequently.

Ambassador's also host a range of events inside habbo, one of which is the Infobus, which is an informative discussion about various topics such as bullying, scamming and most recently Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Ambassador team is split into timezones, with only limited spaces in each area. These areas are; EU, US/CA, and AU/NZ/SG.

Each timezone has its own Master, who although has no special abilities or tools, their role is to be the leader of each group.

Once a space has opened up in one of the available timezones, Habbo will be looking to fill that spot from users who meet the requirements.

You can recognize an ambassador if they are wearing this badge

What can they do?

They have access to new-user-only lounges and can identify new users around the hotel for engagement purposes. They can also warn, kick or mute misbehaving Habbos in public rooms.

Current Ambassadors

Master Ambassadors  

  • Habtaz (European Master)
  • Agesilaus (AU/NZ Master)
  • L0-VE (US/CA Master)

 European Ambassadors 

  • Delfinlskare
  • Dragon-nccb
  • Kerbang
  • Markos
  • PixelSean

North/South American Ambassadors

  • Fable
  • j0zh
  • knitty
  • Zarek

Oceanic/Asian Ambassadors

  • .Tubes.
  • Funkyhabbo
  • House

Previous Ambassadors

  • Drewar (November 2014 - December 2014)
  • Teddy (November 2014 - January 2015)
  • sunnyies2 (February 2014 - February 2015)
  • rzg (November 2014 - June 2015)
  • RIPXBX (November 2014 - September 2015)
  • Wizhared* (January 2015 - January 2016)
  • .:IceBaby:. (2015 - July 2016)
  • Killian (April 2016 - September 2016)
  • Phil, (2014–2017)
  • Bamboo (October 2014 - September 2017)
  • chidiva (2015–2018)
  • Umq (2015–2018)

* Denotes Master


  • On the first day of Ambassadors program being released, Ambassadors were able to kick, mute, and warn users in any room (public and private). This was fixed on the same day.
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